Free Download – Date Night Resourse Guide

April 17, 2015

Free Download – Date Night Ideas


My wife Katrina and I are approaching 8 years of marriage this year!  We have grown and changed so much over that time.  I am still head over heals for this woman. We both love being married.  The best advise we were ever given was to “Never stop dating each other.”

A couple weeks ago I asked a question on Facebook, “What are the best restuaruants in the Twin cities?”   The response was amazing!  We wanted to give you all something that would provide some fresh ideas when it comes to a date night.  We have compiled a list of 30 restaurants that are in the Twin Cities.  When you run out of ideas or if you feel like being adventurous, try one of these restaurants out!  Number 29 is one of our favorites.  We can not wait to try more of these.

CLICK HERE to Download a list of the 30 Best Restaurants in the Twin Cities given by past couples and friends.  We would love to hear about the adventure you go on.  Cheers & Happy Dinning!

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Marriage keeps getting better and better every year but we have realized that we have to work at it.  We have to be intentional about dating each other.   Having kids and a business can take away our time together. The danger and temptation is to focus only on the those things and forget about the marriage.


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