Our Baby Girl!

January 11, 2016

When we found out that we were going to be out numbered for the first time in our lives we were thrilled.  I am excited to share the story of how it unfolded!


On November 27th we headed over to my wife’s parents house for our official Thanksgiving dinner because that was when the whole family was able to all be together. I guess our daughter wanted to come out and be apart of all of the fun too! As soon as we walked in the door my wife started getting some minor contractions. I did not think too much of it because she had been having on and off contractions for almost the past two weeks. As soon as the contractions started I remember saying “let’s get this dinner started!”I wanted to be sure that we did not miss out on the delicious meal.

We were able to enjoy the yummy Thanksgiving dinner while my wife breathed through the contractions. They started getting more intense and more regular. It was time to go.

We were headed to the hospital! We left in our van with the boys, planning on stopping at our house on the way to drop off the boys with my mother in law who was following us from behind. As we were driving the contractions got really painful, my wife had to try hard not to cry out because we did not want to scare our boys. We just drove straight to the hospital because the contractions got so intense.

Of course we hit a ton of stoplights on the way to the hospital, but at last we made it! I dropped my wife off at the door. She told the ladies at the front desk that she needed to be seen right away and quickly filled out the hospital paperwork and they took her back.

I brought the boys in shortly after while we waited for my mother in law to arrive and take them home. If you know our family at all you know that my boys have energy. The boys were very excited. My oldest kept telling all of the hospital staff, “my mom is going to have a baby” and my youngest Asa said “hi” to everyone. It was a bit crazy!

The labor was very quick and smooth. I am so thankful! She started contracting at 4:45pm during dinner and we got to the hospital at 5:45pm and baby Greta was born at 8:45pm. She is healthy in every way and we are so thankful to God for our little girl.

Greta weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz and is 21 inches long. We love our family of five!


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