Personal Project # 1

January 24, 2015

I love my job and what I get to do for a living. I was recently challenged a few weeks ago at a photography conference to do more personal shoots and projects.   Challenge accepted!  My goal this year is to do one new personal project a month for the whole year and I am a little giddy about it. In this project I am using a technique called the 3 Shot Pano that I learned from Sam Hurd at a workshop that I attended a couple weeks ago. Check out his epic work here. The 3 shot Pano is where you take 3 vertical photos and then stitch them together! It makes for some really cool portraits. I worked with my stunningly beautiful wife and my 3 year old son (this was a challenge) and I could not be more happy about the results. Take a look!




I am really excited to blog my Personal Projects this year! It should be a fun year!

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