Hope Brought to Eleven Countries

January 8, 2014

hope 2013In 2013 I had the privileged to work with some amazing couples.  I have seen my business grow in new ways this past year which has been amazing, but I do not want a business to be self serving.   I want a business that is about blessing others.  This past year we had the opportunity at Brian Bossany Photography to give a large portion of our profits to somebody that is bringing hope to the world in practical ways.   Karen Meyer is my sister in-law and last year she quit her job to go on an 11 month mission trip to 11 countries.  She has been serving the poor, teaching english to children and adults, working to stop sex trafficking, loving children in orphanages, and much more.

Karen is such  a reflection of God’s love in real practical ways and I want to invite you all to support her as well.  Click here to check out her blog and find out how you can support her too.  I know that she could still use some more funding before the end of February. I feel so honored that we at Brian Bossany Photography get to be apart of world missions.

View More: http://brianbossany.pass.us/missionarykaren

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