Family Strength

June 24, 2013

When I got an email from Amanda about doing a family session my heart was broken. The family was in a pinch and was looking to have family photos done last minute because their youngest daughter was going to the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis to have heart surgery the day after the photo session. I could not imagine what that would feel like to be the parents of this beautiful child. After spending an evening getting to know this family and seeing the joy in their children, I was touched. When I got home after the session I prayed for the family for what they were going to face the next day. I also felt prompted to put all my other work aside and finish their photos that night. I uploaded their photos to an online gallery and I sent them an email praying that it would bring some comfort when they got it in the morning.

I got this message from the Amanda (mom) in the morning ” Thank you SO much! You don’t know what a blessing it was to wake up and look at these! It was my ray of sunshine on this rainy day! We are heading to Children’s right now for pre-op appointments. Thank you for beautifully capturing a time in our family’s life we will never forget. These pictures will help keep me strong and focused in the days to come. “

I never realized the power that photography can have. It is such a privilege to be invited into peoples lives for certain moments and capture them. I was amazed by the strength of this family and how they truly embraced life. This beautiful little girl went through the surgery fearless and is doing great now!

2013-06-23_0001.jpg 2013-06-23_0002.jpg 2013-06-23_0003.jpg 2013-06-23_0004.jpg 2013-06-23_0005.jpg 2013-06-23_0006.jpg 2013-06-23_0007.jpg

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