Jonathan & Kara

October 1, 2012

This wedding had everything.  Jonathan and Kara have a playful love.  They are so fun to be around.   They took the wedding party to the Minnesota State Fair and had a blast. They rode the Big Slide and enjoyed the tastes of the Cheese Curd.   Gibb’s Farm in St. Paul is a wonderful place to get married.  Jonathan and Kara had  Bride Support coordinate their day. I highly recommend them.  I am so happy for these guys to begin this new journey of marriage together!

  1. Brian Bossany says:

    This was such a fun wedding!

  2. This was such a fun wedding!

  3. Carrie Mortrud says:

    These are wonderful. What great pictures of a great couple on an awesome day/evening!

  4. Robbin Signs says:

    Beautiful couple, these are great pictures,

  5. Wow. Those are wonderful pictures. They really reveal a genuine and profound sense of love and joy. Thank you!

  6. Cameron J. Signs says:

    Fantastic shots Brian! BOOM

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