Cpin Family

May 14, 2011

Peter and I used to live together many years ago and it has been so fun to see how his life has changed over the years.  He met an amazing woman named Kristin and got married almost 4 years ago.  Last year they brought their daughter Clara into the world.  I am so blessed to know the Cpin Family. Their daughter Clara is a gem. She truly is a joy .  It is captivating the way Peter and Kristin love her.  Thank you for your friendship and inviting me to help capture these beautiful moments that seem to fly by.

  1. Brenda Kennedy says:

    What can I say? Parenthood is wonderful! I wish I could have caught up with you when I was there. I was hoping I would have seen you in church when I went one last time. I am wishing you all many blessings in life.

  2. lindsey saarela says:

    AMAZING!!! Very beautiful!!!

  3. Peter Cpin says:

    Thanks again Brian. It was a fun shoot and you are very good at catching the little moments and fun details. We are very excited to see you and your family grow too! It is the best.

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